Affix 🔗

The affix component toggles position: fixed on and off, emulating the effect found with position: sticky.

The navigation on the right is a live demo of the affix component (hidden on mobile devices).


  • You must provide CSS for the positioning and width of your affixed content.
  • Do not use affix on an element contained in a relatively positioned element, such as a pulled or pushed column.

Example 🔗

<affix :offset="50">

API Reference 🔗

Affix 🔗

Props 🔗

Name Type Default Required Description
offset Number 0 Pixels to offset from screen when calculating position of scroll.

Slots 🔗

Name Description
default The affix body.

Events 🔗

Name Description
affix This event fires immediately before the element has been affixed.
affixed This event is fired after the element has been affixed.

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